Kid Goes Electronic

Last Friday I went to collect a 1978 Facit model 1185.

This was pretty much a standard calculator for the late 1970’s. it was in working condition.

During the weekend I spent a couple of hours disassembling the top and buttons. Really easy job!

The result was great after rubbing over some furniture polish. All the time I worked with the machine it was turned on and was working.

When I finished the job by putting the machine together I’m sorry to say that it worked just a couple of minutes before the display went out and died.

End of story …

Stick to mech. calculators would seem an adequate tip.


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My November Scoop—1958 Facit C1-13

I just got hold of serial number 589749. It needs a bit of cleaning and a good lubrication. More of this beautiful piece of machinery designed by Bernadotte some other time.


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Original-Odhner 1024^4

Hear me demonstrate my Original-Odhner 1048 from the early 1970’s. The machine is in excellent condition and in the demo you’ll see how to multiply 1024 by 1024 by 1024—try this with Excel and you’ll understand what I mean.


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USB Typewriter

This is a revolutionary, great product:

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Exit Facit TK # 201705

Something horrible happened today.

My Facit TK, made in 1950, was given to me for a fair price in Sweden. It had belonged to an old, Swedish auditor who was born in 1910.

For months the calculator has been disassembled and lived in a dark bag. Today was the day I was going to clean it and re-lubricate it.

So I did—and I spent many hours on the job.

Upon assembling—only a few metal plates remained to be fixed—the lever for clearing register II got totally stuck!

I was unable to fix the problem and just assembled the machine and put it back in the glass cabinet.

Bless you, TK, rest in peace.

My Facit TK without the panels

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Have a look at the Facit ESA-0 in action

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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